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AVA Closer Look: Shape Generator

by Bryce Ochoa on Mar 3, 2016

In a previous post, we followed up on the AVA session What’s New in Inventor 2016 R2 which explained two new additions to Inventor 2016 in the R2 update: Force Effect and Shape Generator. Last time we went over Force Effect, so today we'll take a look at Shape Generator

To start off, let’s get into how using Shape Generator can benefit not only an engineer, but a company as a whole. Shape Generator takes in your design specifications and creates the most efficient design possible for your part. You can easily make changes at any point in the design process as well. This helps take a product from the design stage to the production line faster than if you were to go through the traditional route of trial and error. Where Shape Generator really shines is in removing mass or material from designs, meaning reduced material and shipping costs.

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Topics: Autodesk Inventor, Shape Generator, v2016R2

AVA Closer Look: ForceEffect

by Bryce Ochoa on Feb 18, 2016

A few weeks back, Rich Sanchez, one of our Application Engineers here at KETIV, introduced us to what is new in Inventor 2016 R2 and touched on ForceEffect and Shape generator. Today, we'll show you how to use it. ForceEffect was originally introduced back in November 2011 as a mobile application, but for the first time since its release, it has now been integrated with Inventor 2016 R2. For most of us, ForceEffect is a familiar name, but you may not know how it can be used or how it can benefit you. So my goal here is to shed some light on this incredible design tool.

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Topics: Autodesk Inventor, v2016R2, ForceEffect

How to Download and Install Inventor 2016 R2/R3

by Bryce Ochoa on Feb 4, 2016

Nobody likes to be left out, right? This is especially true when it comes to having the latest technology. We've been talking a lot about what's new in the Inventor 2016 R2 and R3 updates, but what we haven't covered is how or where to go to download them. So let's go over two options for downloading and installing these recent updates.

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Topics: Autodesk Inventor, v2016, v2016R2, Tech Tips, v2016R3

Autodesk Inventor's Shape Generator - It's a Whole New World

by Jonathan D. Kriek on Oct 29, 2015

The 2016 R2 Release of Inventor is bound to change the way you think about CAD tools. With the introduction of "Shape Generator", what Autodesk is calling "Generative Design", will enable users to design products using minimal material and optimize a design based on a set of input parameters. 

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Topics: Autodesk Inventor, Shape Generator, v2016R2, Topology Optimization

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