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The Future of Making Things with Simulation

by Nigel Ambayec on Feb 1, 2017

James Herzing has been a part of the Autodesk Simulation team since 2009 and understands the rapid evolution of simulation. From generative design to event simulation, Autodesk is changing the way engineers design and make things.

In this recap of Autodesk Virtual Academy, you'll learn how Simulation solutions now allow you to lighten your design, optimize flow, and reduce failure. Let’s take a look at some new introductions previously thought impossible.

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Topics: Simulation CFD, Simulation Mechanical, Simulation, The Future of Making Things

How to Prevent Your Computer From Automatically Rebooting

by Chris Fisichella on Sep 23, 2015

The simulation tools offered by Autodesk are comprehensive and will allow you to solve many interesting problems. The solutions to some of these problems sometimes take many hours to solve. One of the barriers to reaching a successful conclusion is the tendency for Windows to restart your computer without checking in with you first. For example, NASTRAN In-CAD, Autodesk Simulation Mechanical, Autodesk Moldflow, and Autodesk CFD all keep a great deal of information in volatile memory. When the power is cut, the information is lost and your simulation is lost along with it. To prevent this from happening, you can certainly search the web like I did. A good search term is “how to prevent windows 7 from restarting automatically.” If you don’t have time, or have no idea what the forums are talking about, you can use this guide to help you. This procedure applies to Windows 7 Professional.

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Topics: Autodesk CFD, Nastran In-CAD, Simulation Mechanical, Simulation, Autodesk Moldflow

Affordable Communication Towers for Improved Communications in Oil Fields

by Chris Fisichella on Aug 3, 2015

© Juanpfotografia | Dreamstime.com

I find the robust, fault tolerant communication networks offered by Redline Communications to be interesting. They specialize in providing these deployments for the oil and gas industry. The systems create smart oil fields and provide both increased safety and reliability for those who provide the oil that is necessary to drive the world’s economy. Without having to send workers into the field, the risk of injury is reduced automatically. Mr. Al-Lawati’s informative presentation is posted at that link I provided earlier. The presentation outlines some of the capabilities of the systems they sell. He also describes a problem the company is having difficultly overcoming: lattice tower construction. They cite the cost of these towers ranges from $200,000 to $1,000,0000 dollars.

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Topics: Simulation Mechanical, Simulation

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