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The Year in Review: Top 5 Posts From 2015

by Eric Paul on Jan 15, 2016

Now that 2015 has come and gone let's take a look back before we break in the new year. We've covered all the new features from the 2016 Autodesk lineup, talked about the state of manufacturing, the future of 3d printing, and of course, tips and tricks to help get you faster at day to day operations. We've put together our top 5 posts.

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Welcome to Our Blog - Side Note

by Kanwar Anand on Apr 27, 2015

With over thirty years behind us, we can’t help but have an opinion every once in a while. We thought it was time to share it with you and we want you to give us yours. We’ll be talking about the latest industry trends, tips and tricks, and best practices for the mechanical design and engineering community using Autodesk technology.

We’ve assembled a knowledgeable, curious, and fun team to post to this blog on a regular basis. You’ll hear from them on topics ranging from CAD to Simulation to Data Management and PLM. Topics that are relevant in the engineering room, on your shop floor, and throughout your enterprise.

Meet Our Authors

Denee Busby is a Simulation Diva. She has a double BS in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering from UCLA and started her career assisting with the design of refineries along the West Coast for Shell and Chevron. In her spare time, Denee is an actress, a singer, and a fabulous cook. However, her real passion lies in having spirited conversations about practical ways to apply simulation technology to improve product design.

Jonathan Kriek is our resident Texan. Jon’s favorite thing to do, right after testing whiskey for his blog http://whiskeysocietydfw.com, is identifying and automating manual processes in order to save time and money. He has experience implementing Data Management and PLM systems and possesses a keen insight into what goes into improving the enterprise.

Jonathan Landeros has a passion for Inventor. A self-professed Blogger and Internet Prophet, check out his own Inventor blog over at http://www.inventortales.com. Jonathan is a docent at the Planes of Fame, an aviation museum that is dedicated to the preservation, perpetuation and exhibition of historical aircraft, and to the men and women, both famous and unknown, who devoted their lives to flight. He’s been teaching Inventor since V1 – and continues to find ways to make it behave well.

Rich Sanchez is our rock. His patience, and eagerness to help, make him a valuable part of the Lifeline team. A Southern California native and a devoted LA Kings fan, Rich doesn’t miss a game all season. You’ll find him a Disneyland at least once a month and when he isn’t in town, he’s taking road trips with family and friends in the Southwest.

Me – I am just proud of the difference the KETIV team makes. The relationships I have built and nurtured over the years are my biggest professional asset. My two boys, young men now, make me proud and keep me on my toes.

Welcome, once again, to our blog. Let’s stay connected.

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