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Copy Parameters to User Parameters Quickly with Autodesk Inventor 2016

by Jonathan D. Kriek on Apr 16, 2015



Inventor 2016 has a host of amazing new features and improvements (387 to be exact), but often some of the most useful additions are overlooked due to thier small scope. Today we'll look at one feature that you asked for and has finally been added to Inventor!


Before Inventor 2016, if you wanted to duplicate a Parameter as a User Parameter you'd have to manually re-create it entirely filling in each value individually.

And if that Parameter was a multi-value type? Forget it, what a pain!

Copy To User Parameter


It's really as simple as:

  • Selecting the parameter
  • Right-Clicking the parameter
  • And choosing "Copy To User Parameter"

This will copy the Parameter to a User parameter including it's settings, even for Multi-Value parameters!


 Wrap it up

Pretty easy right?

Let me know what your favorite unsung 2016 features are in the comments below as well as any topics you'd like to see here at KETIV Side Note. 

And if you missed the 2016 launch content, check it out. KETIV actually created the video content for it!

Thanks for stopping by!

Topics: Autodesk Inventor, New Features, v2016

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