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Kanwar Anand

As President and CEO, Kanwar Anand is responsible for creating the culture of genuine curiosity and proactive service at KETIV Technologies. He has supported, trained, demonstrated, and sold design and engineering software products for over 25 years. Kanwar has an MS in Mechanical Engineering from the State University of New York, Stony Brook, and a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the National Institute of Technology, India.

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Oscar® Honors for KETIV's Own Scott Oshita

by Kanwar Anand on Feb 21, 2017

My role at KETIV gives me the chance to work with amazing people, both customers and our own consultants. Together, they are changing the world with the products they create. Doing what we love is reward enough, but when the world recognizes the impact we make, it’s important that we celebrate together.

That’s why I’m proud to share the news that Scott Oshita, a long-time friend, colleague, and KETIV technical consultant, received a Scientific and Technical Achievement Award from the Motion Picture Academy of Arts and Sciences for 2017.

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Come Celebrate With Us

by Kanwar Anand on Dec 14, 2015

The KETIV team would like to invite you to join us at our Brea office this Wednesday the 16th in celebration of our mutual successes in 2015. We’re having our holiday get-together and can’t think of a better way to celebrate than with our customers. No demos, no agenda, really it’s just an opportunity for us to connect with you in a personal way. We’ll still have rooms set aside if you have technical questions, want to see something in action, or maybe you want to show us something.

Join us for food and drinks starting 4:00 pm until 7:00 pm.

We’re at: 3010 Saturn Street, Suite #100, Brea, CA 92821. We hope to see you there!

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The Future of Autodesk Licensing

by Kanwar Anand on Oct 5, 2015

By now you’ve heard about the upcoming transformation of Autodesk’s licensing and subscription model. Many of our clients are already embracing this change while some others remain unclear on exactly what it means for them. All of us at KETIV consider it our responsibility to provide you with the information you need to make fact-based decisions. So let’s review this change and understand what you need to know.

Are You Ready for Desktop Subscription?

Take our test and find out

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The Future of Learning - Is Bigger Really Better?

by Kanwar Anand on Sep 17, 2015

Some years ago, as a freshman, my son discovered the struggle that comes with high school math. Most of his teachers approached learning as a structured process with the primary goal of improving test scores. There was little emphasis on why math mattered and how it applied to the real world. As my tutoring expanded to his friends, we started having fun with math. This was also when we discovered the Khan Academy. Salman Khan, armed with three engineering degrees from MIT, had decided that the age-old institution of campus education was ready for change. His dream was to provide "world-class education for anyone, anywhere.”

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The Future of Making Things

by Kanwar Anand on Jun 17, 2015

Join KETIV and Autodesk on July 21st for The Future of Making Things, a live event at the California Science Center in Los Angeles. Andrew Anagnost, Senior VP of Autodesk, will share his perspective on how companies are competing while navigating the opportunities and threats presented by the trends shaping 21st century manufacturing.

Wouldn’t it be great if we had a crystal ball to predict the future? If we knew which of the many world-wide trends in manufacturing were guaranteed to take off, we’d invest and prepare before anyone else did.

There is no crystal ball. What we know is that today’s consumer is more informed and connected to purchase options than ever before, forcing the traditional supply chain to undergo a business transformation. We must stay on top of the trends redefining customer expectations for time to market, responsiveness, and collaboration and plan and execute accordingly. Let’s take a look at the key factors influencing the change and start a conversation about how we will thrive.

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Desktop Subscription – Options for Autodesk and KETIV Customers

by Kanwar Anand on May 27, 2015

Companies are hesitant to invest in perpetual software licenses for short-term projects or when contract designers are brought in. With summer almost here, organizations are hiring interns to knock-out special projects or catch-up on overdue work.

Recently, Autodesk announced the option of pay-as-you-go software licenses to address those situations. This term-based licensing option, called Desktop Subscription (DS), delivers the promise of a low cost of entry without the risks of long-term commitment.

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The Future of Making Things — Better

by Kanwar Anand on May 15, 2015

The first piece of machinery I took apart was my dad’s Favre-Leuba. I never did put it back together. He was an engineer himself and encouraged me to explore how things worked. He spent his professional career proposing and commissioning utility and industrial boilers for a subsidiary of Babcock and Wilcox in India. From him, I learned how mechanisms functioned, how things broke, and how energy was transferred. With a love for Physics and Math deeply instilled in me, I thought I could address life’s most perplexing questions. 

Engineering college in India was theoretical. Less emphasis was put on real world applications. But it gave me the foundation I needed. And much of this changed for me when I came to the US, as a young Grad student at SUNY, Stony Brook. Professor Fu-pen Chiang opened my eyes to the real world application of experimental methods for stress analysis, fracture, and fatigue. Professor Moez Mayourian taught me how to predict the range of motion for a complex robotic arm. A mysterious Russian punch-card gobbling computer in a large building in India, was replaced by an air conditioned lab on Long Island with three dimensional graphics powered by a VAX. Still, my most rewarding experience was teaching math to a class full of kids from the Bronx. I haven’t looked back since.

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Welcome to Our Blog - Side Note

by Kanwar Anand on Apr 27, 2015

With over thirty years behind us, we can’t help but have an opinion every once in a while. We thought it was time to share it with you and we want you to give us yours. We’ll be talking about the latest industry trends, tips and tricks, and best practices for the mechanical design and engineering community using Autodesk technology.

We’ve assembled a knowledgeable, curious, and fun team to post to this blog on a regular basis. You’ll hear from them on topics ranging from CAD to Simulation to Data Management and PLM. Topics that are relevant in the engineering room, on your shop floor, and throughout your enterprise.

Meet Our Authors

Denee Busby is a Simulation Diva. She has a double BS in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering from UCLA and started her career assisting with the design of refineries along the West Coast for Shell and Chevron. In her spare time, Denee is an actress, a singer, and a fabulous cook. However, her real passion lies in having spirited conversations about practical ways to apply simulation technology to improve product design.

Jonathan Kriek is our resident Texan. Jon’s favorite thing to do, right after testing whiskey for his blog http://whiskeysocietydfw.com, is identifying and automating manual processes in order to save time and money. He has experience implementing Data Management and PLM systems and possesses a keen insight into what goes into improving the enterprise.

Jonathan Landeros has a passion for Inventor. A self-professed Blogger and Internet Prophet, check out his own Inventor blog over at http://www.inventortales.com. Jonathan is a docent at the Planes of Fame, an aviation museum that is dedicated to the preservation, perpetuation and exhibition of historical aircraft, and to the men and women, both famous and unknown, who devoted their lives to flight. He’s been teaching Inventor since V1 – and continues to find ways to make it behave well.

Rich Sanchez is our rock. His patience, and eagerness to help, make him a valuable part of the Lifeline team. A Southern California native and a devoted LA Kings fan, Rich doesn’t miss a game all season. You’ll find him a Disneyland at least once a month and when he isn’t in town, he’s taking road trips with family and friends in the Southwest.

Me – I am just proud of the difference the KETIV team makes. The relationships I have built and nurtured over the years are my biggest professional asset. My two boys, young men now, make me proud and keep me on my toes.

Welcome, once again, to our blog. Let’s stay connected.

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